Picky eater.

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My son was never picky when he was a baby, but ever since he's been a toddler he's extremely selective about what he eats. We tell him he has to eat what we're eating but he's very stubborn and will go all night without eating. I want him to at least try something before he decides if he likes the taste or not, but he won't even do that. Any suggestions that have worked for other moms?


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Toddlers are notoriusly picky - they have control over two things. what they put in their mouth - and potty training! :)
Just make sure you are putting healthy well balanced meal options in front of your son. don't give him sugar/empty carbs/juice/sweets - especially if he is being picky because he needs every ounce of nutrition from what he does eat! He will eat when he is hungry - and if you only give him healthy options - that is what he will eat!
Keep in mind that our children's growth slows drastically after the first year and so does their eating- you will notice your son eating much less than he used to - this is normal.
When to be worried - if he is refusing all food and his weight starts to decline. then take him to see the pediatrician. Otherwise - just focus on healthy foods and he'll get there in his own way.
Also if you turn meal time into a battleground it doesn't help either. just be patient and calm and firm.

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My daughter can be really picky. If it were up to her all she would eat would be yogurt and chocolate milk. I just set the food in front of her and if she refuses it I take a bite and go on about how good it is and ask her to try it. We only have issues come dinner time. Sometimes I have to feed her the first few bites. But if the child doesnt like it they dont like it, I have not came across a food that she doesnt like, just days where shes picky. I tell her this is all she is getting and if she doesnt eat it she wont get anything else. That usually helps. I dont believe in forcing a child to eat all of their food, its been known to cause eating disorders. So if she eats at least half I'm happy. She'll eat when shes hungry enough. Plus as a growing toddler they need more frequent snacks throughout the day. I usually dont have any problems getting her to eat these. I opt for healthy tasty options such as fruit, rice crackers, cheese, PB&J sandwiches, yogurt with fruit and oats, toast with vegemite, and uncle toby's various snack items.

Also I found disguising veggies at dinner works well. I hide it in Mac N Cheese and mashed potatoes with a bit of cheese sauce as well as chicken or beef. Kids can be really picky with those things. They need the protein.

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I've been reading this interesting article, it says you should always offer 2 types of veggies, fill up 1/3 of the plate with them. Put a protein and a carb. Give him only water to drink at dinner and give him a really big glass. Don't make him clean his plate, eventually he will get hungry enough to try something. The other big thing is, don't let him snack all day, make sure he gets breakfast, a small morning snack, lunch, a small afternoon snack and then dinner. Also toddlers tend to eat more in the mornings and afternoons so if he eats a light dinner you shouldn't worry too much. Hope that helps!

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Try mixing the foods like greens and spinach or cream-style corn and regular sweet corn... My son is still a picky eater but is I mix food he'll eat and not know the difference...

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