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Teana - posted on 08/16/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello all!
My daughter is 7months old, iam not with her father however we went to court a few months back the judge gave us temporary orders which her father gets her 1 day and one over night visit. So today I went to pick up my babygirl at his moms which is were he lives as well..His mom was hesitant of bring my babygirl out to me she kept telling me "she's getting a bath she's eating and so on" so I kind had a funny feeling anyways I waited for his mom to bring NY babgirl out to me and her dad storms up to my car trying to force me to go inside and talk to him I told him I do not want any contact with him and I waned to just go through he mother about the baby and then he got angry and told me he is not going to give me the baby back.Her dad has a few DVS against me he suffers from mental illnesses and he can be really scary that is why I do not want to talk to him or have any contact with him going through his mom always worked out . Anyways I call the cops thy get there and I hand them the temp. Orders that says he gets her 2 days a week the coos look at the paper and litterly laugh in NY face telling me I made this up on a computer all because there I guess I misplaced the other paper with the courts stamp on there and the judges signature.. Iv never been through this so I don't know akot about it. I have never met such mean heartless cops in my life I was balking NY eyes out and they looked at me and said well we can't do anything and they were over there joking and conversating with his mother and him I felt they took me as a joke. So I ho to the court house to get all the copy's of the temp. Order and I went back they said the same thing. After all that I take my mom over there with me and they let her in and I walked in after he and I just picked up my baby girl my sweet Angel and left as I held her tight till I got into the car I do not want to let her go back there again iam terrified of them not retiring her and the cops will not do anything about it!! Our court ate for the permanent orders is at the end of this month, so I need to know what do I do?? Please give me some advice and feedback thus did not only tear me apart my son ..Her big brother was crying for her he very upset when I could not get our baby back.


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D - posted on 09/26/2014




yes, i had temp court orders as well and the good thing judge said we had to work out i kept our daughter, if he wanted to see her i would meet him somewhere in public or he would come to my house. so try to do the best with the orders and keep documentation and make sure to file police reports, hopefully you can do them online cause it sounds like the cops are not very friendly. if you are able get an attorney. good luck

Michelle - posted on 08/20/2014




You have to be very careful because if you deny any access before your next court date it will go against you.
All I can suggest is that you take someone else with you when you pick her up, that way it's not just you against him and his Mother.

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