Please help me! Desperate for advice!

Ashleigh Jenna - posted on 05/27/2014 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi all, I feel I'm in a horrible nightmare I cannot get out of. I am 24 years old and I have a 4 year old daughter and 15 weeks pregnant with my second. My ex and I were together for 4 years, we had such a strong relationship until the last few months before he left things were rocky and he became verbally violent. I thought we would get through it for the sake of our babies and 5 weeks ago he said he had to leave before things got bad, then within a week he met a 17 year old and they started a relationship, they have made a public Facebook profile together she's now living with him and he wines and dines her and it kills me inside because he barely did things with me. I have begged for him to come home and he won't budge, he says they're in love and she's very obsessed with him already she's already stated she wants to get herself pregnant. My ex and I have been talking regarding baby stuff and our daughter and his new girlfriend has tried ordering him to stop talking to me. I'm a mess, I have tried counselling and nothing has worked. All I want is him home and to forget this little girl. He told me straight out she was perusing him weeks before our break up knowing full well we were having a baby and now she rubs it in all over her Facebook and has the cheek to try and stop our contact. I miss him so badly and want him back but he's adement he's in love with her I just don't get it. Please help!


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Tamara - posted on 10/11/2014




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D - posted on 10/03/2014




I'm so sorry to hear this, but word of advice, if they do it once...they will do it again. Why would you want to be with a man who is just willing to walk out on you (being pregnant) and his daughter? Then to be w/a 17 yr old...that sounds creepy to me, i would not want him around your daughter.... you deserve better and are still very young, you will be happy and busy once your new bundle of joy comes into the world to worry about him or his new "teenager". he will soon realize she is soo young and will want to live it up here shortly...partying and doing things someone her age should be doing. Please try for your kids sake to let him go, he doesn't deserve you or the kids.

Ahndrea - posted on 08/31/2014




Sweetheart that is not a man. That is a punk. Sorry to break it to you but you deserve waaaay better. For him to leave you for a 17 year old that he barely knows and claims to be in love with her?! You have to put your children infront of your wants. I say wants because you do noooot need him! I know I sound like a motivational speaker but seriously...he's messing with a child. If he doesn't wanna be apart of your children's life, tell him to kick rocks and be the best you can be. I'm so sorry for the pain ur going through, I know it's hard but heart break makes you tough as nails.

Tanya - posted on 05/27/2014




First I'm going to ask you Why?

Why do you want to be back with a man that treats you like what you described...can you forgive everything he's done? If the answer is no, it will not work.

You don't need counselling, just reread your post and look at what he's done, reflect and reconsider your options.

I know you may feel really bad now but you'll get over it soon.

You're so young you will meet someone who loves you and treats you like the queen you are!

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