please help me get him out

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i went to the doctors today and they said that im one centemeter dialated, ive been having severe back pain off and on ( dont know if its got anything to do with labor) and ive been having a wierd discharge for a couple hours now, can someone tell me how long it will aprox be till i should go to the hospital (besides my water breaking of corse) and how to dialate quicker. thank you....


Katracia - posted on 08/24/2009




I was overdue. I stayed a 1 cm for 3weeks straight. I had 1 last visit at the doctor. The morning before i left going to my appointment. I lost part of my mucus plug. Which was like sperm but hanging like spit. Then later that night i lost the other part but it had blood in it. I went to the hospital. By the time i got there i was 5cm already. By 6 o'clock am they were breaking my water so i could push. I was only in labor 5 hours. I slept threw my labor with no meds. I had him natural. The back pain your feeling now, could be him moving into the birth canal. Thats what they told me when i was in pain.

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If you are still in need of how to put yourself into labor, I am a nurse and know a few at home suggestions. Nipple stimulation causes contractions - stimulate (best with a breastpump) for fifteen minutes every other hour - this typically helps dilate. Also, drinking red raspberry leaf tea (three to four pouches in every cup - it's very strong) strengenthens braxton hicks and helps move the baby down, which also causes dilation. Evening primrose oil geltabs (available at your local health store, GNC, for example) inserted into the vagina and pressed up against the cervix help to soften the cervix and are a precursor to prostaglandins, which also cause mild contractions. Having unprotected sex also helps induce contractions and soften the cervix because of the prostaglandins in sperm. Spicy foods have been known to induce labor, but this is not the best option because something with the ingredients blocks the receptors for endorphins, your body's natural pain killers, so this can make labor more painful. Sitting in a warm bath helps relax the pelvic muscles, but DO NOT do this if your water has broken because of risk of infection for you and the baby. Going walking, while uncomfortable and sometimes painful, helps move the baby down, which also causes dilation. If this is yourf firstr child, these things may not help things move as fast as you like, but they are known to help in a lot of cases. These are not surefire ways to go into labor, they can put you closer, but if you are not ready to go, they won't work. Also, castor oil (it's nasty, so dilute it in a cup of juice) can help - it's a laxitive so you will poop a lot before you go to the hospital, but pooping on the table is embarrassing anyway - it causes cramping in the abdomen, and if you are close to going into labor, it will put you into labor, but taking it too early will just make you poop - no labor. When your contractions are five minutes apart, you are supposed to call the doctor to let them know you are coming in. Best of luck. Hope everything works out for you, and BTW, I am not prescribing these as medical treatments - these are well known tips that your doctor can tell you and are readily available on the internet, so I cannot be held liable if anything does not work or in the small chance that any of these cause complications.

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theres no way you can dilate faster,and youneed to go to the hospital when ur contractions get really close together or until te pain is bad


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Yep, the other moms are right. There's not a lot you can do, he will come when he's ready. I was 2 cm and 80% effaced from week 36 on. I lost my mucous plug at 37 weeks and she came on her due date at 40 weeks. You can try sex, nipple stimulation etc. but I tried those starting at week 38 and it did nothing. Good luck!

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That discharge is probably your mucous plug. I was dialated 1 cm forever and didn't have any Braxton Hicks contractions or anything till after my exam on my due date. And they only last a day. Needless to say, I was a week overdue and had to be induced. The only things I've heard of that supposedly help induce labor are walking, sex, and nipple stimulation. You can give that a shot, but the baby will come when he's ready, or he'll be taken by force like my stubborn boy was! Good luck, I hope you have a better time than I did!

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