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Robert - posted on 05/17/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I remarried my ex wife after 4yrs apart. During that time apart she had a child. We all love each other very much. However the problem is my wife wants the biological father in her daughters life everyday. So he is at are house everyday after work and all day on his days off. Before we got married he was working all the time and only seen her on his days off.This is causing issues in are marriage. My wife thinks she's doing what's best for her daughter by letting her see her dad everyday. But we are not having any family/spousal time together. My wife says the expect say its good for the child to see both their parents daily. Please help me understand if I'm looking at this issue the wrong way.


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Denikka - posted on 05/19/2014




You don't say how old the child is. If she's very young, then it's more understandable that mom doesn't want to be away from her. But if she's over a year or so, why can't dad take her out or she can visit at dad's house for at least a few hours.
It's unfair of your wife to expect that he be there from the time he gets off work until the baby goes to bed. But taking the daughter for an hour after dinner and a full day on the weekend is not that bad. You just need to talk to your wife about setting limitations on the time that he's inside your house and in your company.

User - posted on 05/18/2014




i think that looks so awkward to be seeing the man who had an affair with your wife before, its normal that you feel that way....let her understand if she is in your situation would that be fair and awesome to feel?...have a fruitful discussion :)

Michelle - posted on 05/18/2014




Surely she was doing this before you married her again. Why didn't you discuss it then and if she wouldn't stop it then why still get married?
I don't believe that the other parent has to see the child every day though. I have been doing shared care for 9 years and it started off week about and is now 3 weeks each and every 2nd weekend.

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