please help y 6year old daughter has the worst attitude always says no and dont do anything me and my husband ask she is so rude i dont knw what to do and its getting us down my 2yr olds picking it up i can see many have had the same trouble and just need advice,she is also very ungrateful.shes always sayig i hate you i dont love you or that i dont ove or like her the guilt trip no doubt .she says that she dont like being told what to do and she just dont have no respect for anyone but she is so good at school :/


Danicia - posted on 08/28/2013




every time she acts like that to you, take something she likes away whether it be a toy, a privilege, a piece of technology, whatever. explain to her that being disrespectful in life will not get her anywhere in your house and will not be tolerated in the "real world". when she wants to start treating you with respect you will start returning her things but she has to EARN her things back with good behavior. if she earns something back and starts bad behavior again the item becomes yours again.
why are you allowed to take her things? because you paid for them in the first place and she was given them b/c you love her and want her to be happy but you cannot allow her to be disrespectful like that.
if she wants to guilt trip, don't feed into it. tell her she is dismissed to her room until she is ready to talk and listen with you and leave it at that.
if you ask her to do something and she does not do it within a reasonable amount of time/reminders, something gets revoked. same routine.
if you stay consistent she will learn that you and your husband are not going to tolerate her crap and you have just saved yourself by setting boundaries now instead of starting to fight this behavior at 15-16 yrs old. good luck, hope the best for you all!

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