Possibility I am pregnant with #3...And my second is only 9 months old

Jessica - posted on 07/28/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a son who will be 5 on Halloween and a daughter who is 9 months. There is a possibility I am pregnant with # 3 and I'm a little nervous about it. My son is starting kindergarten in the fall and I was really looking forward to taking him to school and picking him up everyday but if I am pregnant again I will need to work for a few months at least so I can get my mat leave. I'm going to take another test in a few weeks because according to my estimation I am only 2 weeks, almost 3 weeks along. I have been having most of the first pregnancy signs already and I'm fairly certain I am....Just looking for support or anything if anyone else has been through this or something similar.


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Jessibell - posted on 08/03/2013




Welp, depending on where you live you know you have three options when it comes to pregnancy. Keep, adopt or terminate. Write a list of pros and cons for each choice and this may help you determine which option is best for you.

I chose to only have one child because as one of three children I noticed my parents were constantly stressed, overwhelmed and seemed angry all the time.

Things to consider:
-Are you financially capable of supporting a 3rd child?
-Do you have daycare available in your area?
-What if the child has a disability or severe health problem? Do you have the resources and the income available to attend to that? You may have to leave your job if there is a severe enough issue.
-How does the father feel about a 3rd child?
-Do you feel that you are emotionally prepared to cope with the stress of having three children?
-Do you feel that you are physically prepared to cope with pregnancy so soon?
-If you chose abortion or adoption will you be able to live with those decisions?
-If you chose adoption is there a reputable agency you could speak with?
-If you chose abortion is it legal in your area and is there a reputable hospital you could have the procedure done at?
-Is your vehicle equipped to handle 3 car seats, will you need to buy a new vehicle?

These are all important things to consider. Make the best choice for you and for your family. :)

Wendy - posted on 07/29/2013




Trust me on this I had 3 babies is 3 years I had a newborn, 13 month old and a 3 year old. My husband worked alot and i had no help. Trust me I survied and you will too.
your kids will be far enough apart to enjoy it.

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