Possibly interested in exclusively pumping.

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Have any other mom's exclusively pumped with success? If so, how did you start and how often and for how long (each session) did you pump for?


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Can I ask why you want to pump exclusively?

Long term success at exclusive pumping is remarkable. It happens, but it generally requires a huge level of commitment, and it's not something you can count on being able to do. Some moms don't have success with pumping at all, even pumping enough to supplement with an occasional bottle is impossible for them. Their body just doesn't respond to the pump like it responds to a baby.

It can be really useful to connect with other pumping moms for tips and ideas, but each woman if very different. I've known moms who would spend three days working to collect enough milk for one 5oz bottle and other moms that milk would practically pour out of and they could hand express gallons.

I could reliably pump 10oz to 15oz a day, but only early in the day. I could never pump a drop after 1pm. Some moms can't keep their supply up without getting up to pump multiple times through the night. I always had the best results around 5am.

If you have a double pump electric pump fifteen minutes every two or three hours would be a starting point. If you have single pump it will be fifteen minutes per side. Again though, results are very individual. You could get enough milk in four ten minute sessions or your could get next to nothing.

If you need to pump exclusively I would start by renting a hospital grade pump, and making sure that you can pump. If things go okay with the rented pump you'll PROBABLY get similar results from a good quality consumer grade double electric pump (which costs about $300). A hospital grade pump costs about $2000, although you can re-sell the base. The motor is fully sealed and the next person to use the pump just needs to buy their own horns and tubes.

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