Potty Mouth!

Amanda - posted on 05/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 2 and a half and has picked up some really bad words while with his daddy and his friends when I'm at work. I have talked to his daddy about whatching what he says in front of him many times and he just shrugs ut off like its not a bid deal. Its a huge deal to have your toddler say naughty words! I've tried to explain to my son that those were naughty words and not to say them, or put him in time out but its not working. What can I do?


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Melissa - posted on 05/30/2009




Don't react. He is most likely doing it because there is a reaction. If you ignore it he will probably stop. My three year old caught some nasty words from his nana and papas camp ground, I told him that it was not ok or funny then I ignored him after that. Now, he saws it once in a while when he gets mad.

Kelli - posted on 05/30/2009




Just don't react to it. As soon as you do something that tells him he shouldn't be aying it, it just will get worst. You need to have a talk with daddy about his potty mouth! My son went through it with the F word and when he would say it I would just try and confuse him by saying "what I don't see a truck". Everyone in my family thought I was funny but it worked. They are too young to realize the whole meaning of what they are saying and reacting to it will just make it more of a game for him.

Amie - posted on 05/30/2009




Stop reacting and ignore it. Mine all did the same thing and once we started ignoring the words and redirecting them to something else the words stopped being said. Kids are smart.. he knows it's a bad word, just like mine did. Once the reactions stop coming then he'll eventually get bored of it and find something new to try and get a rise out of you. =) Or take the route some mom I'm sure will eventually come out with... you could spank him. I'm not a spanker though, never believed in it and still don't.

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