Potty poop training... need advice

Lizl - posted on 10/05/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 2.8 month old son has been off his nappies during the day now for almost 6 months. He goes to the loo by himself and it has been months since there were any messes.

But every time he needs to poop he asks/fetches a nappy. He refuses point blank to poop in the potty. I still try hold out on the nappy and get him to sit on the potty when his poop need arises, but he is very strong willed in using the nappy. If I withhold, he will keep it in for days, which i fear is not very good.

How do i get him to use the potty for pooping?


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Toni - posted on 10/12/2012




My son was similar. He was pee trained at 2 years old, even stands up 'just like daddy'. But for the life of me I could not figure out how to get him to poo in the toilet.

I had tried everything from sticker charts to getting upset. Nothing worked.

One day I had finally had enough. I told my son that there were no more nappies. I wasn't buying any more ever again. He was a big boy and he could learn to do poo in the toilet. If he did a poo in his jocks he could clean it up himself because I wasnt doing it.

For 2 days we were fine, he went to the toilet ever time he needed to poo, but then he refused to use the toilet on day 3, and like I said, I did not clean it up. He had to take his soiled pants and jocks off, clean his bum and put his soiled clothes in the laundry.

He did not like that at all.

It has now been 2 weeks and no more accidents.

Brandie - posted on 10/12/2012




My son has been 'pee' potty trained for since he was 2 years old. That part was easy. Then came the poop. Once he was 'pee' potty trained I moved him to big boy underwear thinking that would ease him into pooping into the toilet. Let's just say, two years later and he was still pooping in his underwear. Frustrating to say the least. He is now 4. He would never tell me he had to go until after he went. Two months ago, just at the tender age of 4, him and I had it out in the bathroom (ie, me making his booty sit on the potty until he went poop, which took all of 5 mins. lol) I made a HUGE deal out of it, congratulated him, told him that I was so very proud of him and that I couldn't wait until the did this again. Now, without fail, every time he has to, he goes by himself, tells me and asks me if I am so very proud of him. In which I reply with a huge YES! He got it, in one day.

Lizl - posted on 10/12/2012




Thanks. I hope i can then do the same. I have tried refusing nappies and divert his attention from screaming at me. It works but then he keeps in the poop till we put his night time nappy on. So I think until he is ready to come off those too then we are going to have to sit through this. *sigh*

Angie - posted on 10/05/2012




My son did the same exact thing. Once he turned 3 shortly after I absolutely refused to put a diaper on him when he insisted, and let me tell you he threw some major tantrums for a diaper BUT...he started pooping in the potty. He never had any ill reactions or health issues because he held his poop in. When it needs to come out, it will, thats my opinion only. Maybe talk to the dr.

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