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Verity - posted on 09/10/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




my almost 3yr old daughter has been peing in the potty for a couple months now but she wont poop in it...any suggestions?


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my cousins daughter did that too, only she pooped in the corner (in her pants) where ever she was and i think finally got embarrased enough she learned to go. plus every time we would think she was going it was off to the potty we would go.

Kelly - posted on 09/10/2009




Faith was like that at first. They will go when they are ready. That is what the doc. told me. Just don't push her to do it. I know this sounds funny but I would let Faith know when I had to go poop. She would fallow me in the bathroom, and sometimes she would want to see after I was done. She would look in and I would say, "See Mommy had to go poopoo, so I went on the potty like a big girl. You can do it to if you want. Do you want to be a big girl too?" And soon enough she did want to try it. Now she is 3yrs. and 1month and I don't have any diapers in the house. Just be easy with it and it will be ok. She will not poop in a diaper forever. The bathroom is just a scarey place for kids. The potty is so big and they are so small. They will feel better if they know other people do it to. This way they don't feel different. Good luck.

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Usually there is a certain time after lunch maybe when this happens give her some toys maybe take a book in there to read and just sit and wait it's all about setting routine and waiting. Just make it fun and not stressful.

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