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i totally agree that u can not force them. what we did was go to the store and have our daughter pick out pretty underwear. a few days later she was wanting to put them on, so she did and she had no problem going to the potty for pooping. she would pee in her underwear and i would get her to go to the potty right after she did it. but then she starting saying its too late so we stopped doing that...about 5 days later she was going to the potty all the time, sometimes we would see her about to go in her pants and have to remind her.

so anyway my point is try putting her in underwear and just don't quit if she has any interest at all-we also did a sticker chart and $1 surprises for every sucess

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She's just not interested. If your child is not interested in being potty trained there is really nothing you can do to make them. Forcing your child to go on the potty could actually be fairly traumatic for them and make them want to do it even less.

What my hubby and I are doing to get our 21 month-old ready for it is actually fairly simple. We have her follow us to the bathroom when we have to go and then we get a treat when we are done (our 6 year-old does this too). this shows her that good things come from going on the potty and she is becoming more and more interested as we keep it up.

Good luck!


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