Potty Training!

Kristy - posted on 04/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My sone who is almost 3 was doign really well with going to the potty. Now he has lost complete interest in ti and I have no idea how to get him back to where he was! Help!!! Any ideas?


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Jade - posted on 04/24/2009




My daughter did the same thing, she was doing fantastic with the potty and taking herself, then all of a sudden she wasn't interested. Refused to even sit on the potty and would only wear nappies. My fiance and I left her alone and with in a few months she wanted to use the toilet. No problems. She was completely toilet trained by 2 yrs 8 months. I think its just comes down to when the kid is ready, all you can do is offer the option, and encourage them. :)

Brenda - posted on 04/24/2009




A lot of kids will regress for a while. My son was 3 1/2 before we finished training completely, and he went through probably two periods of regression before we were finally done. Continue with lots of encouragement and use a reward system to reiterate the encouragement. I had to take away the pull ups and let mine run around either naked or with just undies on until he got used to going on his own. He may be feeling stress from outside sources, my son will still occassionally have an accident when stressed or excited. Main thing is be supportive and let him get there. He won't start school in diapers (I was worried about mine for a while, but he got the hang of it just fine).

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