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I watch my 2yr old fixing to be 3yrs old nephew. He is not potty trained yet. But his parents don't really try to potty train him. All week they work and he is with us from 7:00am to 6:00pm Mon-Fri, and every week end when my brother has him and he has to work. So HOW DO I POTTY TRAIN HIM MYSELF? Yes I have to boys myself but they were easy to potty train. He nows where it is suppose to go, and when he is potting in his pants. But when we put him on the potty he cries and cries. Help!!!


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Each child is different, however if the parents aren't going to do their part, it's going to be hard for you to train him, when he'll go home and go back to being in diapers. Many times I've seen parents not train their children, because it's just easier to leave them in a diaper instead of cleaning them up if they have an accident. Personally I never purchased pull ups, I think the best way is to throw underwear on them and let them learn. My daughter was great right away, my son did take a little longer. He was 2 and a half when he was trained. My daughter had just turned 2 and she was ready. Just put underwear on him and take him to the bathroom regularly each day. To get my son to go through the night without wetting the bed, we told him if he went a week without wetting the bed at night, we'd buy him a toy that he wanted. He went that whole week, got the toy and was great ever since. (I don't recommend bribing, but in that case it did work.)

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my son trained at 26 months BUT he did it himself he was ready and just started going to get on the little potty we have in the bathroom for when he was ready.. maybe he's just not ready boys tend to be older before learning

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I have three boys and I have to say for myself..... I think boys are sometimes a bit harder to train then girls. they seems to go back to wetting easily if there's any change, such as moving, parents hour change, or just under stress at school. Normally ends all together around 6-7 years old.... thank goodness! With my boys we made going potty a fun game... at least the tinkle part. We used Fruit-Loops for them to aim at while using the toilet! It seemed to be fun and made the potty train for the most part go much smoother! As for the number two training..... they normally do that part themselves, once they notice other big boys not wearing diapers or Pull Ups! Their peers have alot to do with that one. You also might want to try one of those toddler seats for the top pf the toilet seat..... some kids kinda fall in and that alone can scare any child away from the potty training too! Kinda of a life raft idea for them to hold on to..... for them the toilet is as deep as a well to us!Giggles. Good luck!

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My little guy is 2, almost 3 and he shows no interest in potty training. I have a DVD called Potty Power that he watches, to introduce him to the concept and the idea and we talk about having potty power and we have a potty seat, that he'll sometimes sit on. That is it at this point. I encourage him in the concept but until he is ready to try it will only be a Huge battle that won't be fruitful at all! So I've had to decide that it is okay, he'll get it but he has also been one to learn things on the later side of what they say is normal and he doesn't like change. I don't know what your nephew's disposition is though.

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my son is almost 3... and hes been potty trained for bout 3 months now (even thru night) i never forced him to go.... i left potty in room (musical 1) out him pants on NEVER used a nappy even when went out i just took a portable potty and clean clothes just in case... and put a bed trainer on his bed....

i think part nappy part pants confuse them...

accidents do happen so when he had accident i never spoke simply changed his clothes and no reaction... then when he did go on potty music started playing and he got a clap and made big deal of that....

within 1 week he was asking go big toilet going thru night and no accidents...

so my advice is..

Dont force to go just tell them where it is

NEVER use nappy/pull up whilst potty training gives wrong dignals

ignore accidents ~ praise potty usage.

good luck :)

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