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Rose - posted on 06/30/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have tryied everything from sticks, reward charts, and prazing her everytime she goes on the potty and nothings working. I don't know what to do. She is three and she should be potty trained. I think she may not be ready but i don't want her to be 5 and not be potty trained. what do i do?


Heidi - posted on 06/30/2009




Is it because she's not interested, or is it because she doesn't seem to make it to the toilet in time? Potty training my twp boys was....interesting. They would do good for a month and then decide to quit. It was really frustrating and just like you nothing worked. My oldest, now 6, didn't get completely potty trained until he was 4. I also have a son that's 5 andI just took him to the doctor because he still has a problem with potty training and I learned that he has a bladder that basically has a mind of it's own (I don't remember what he called it) He will eventually grow out of it, but until then I need to set an alarm, every 2 hours to help him remember to go.


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Alicia - posted on 06/30/2009




Nothing worked with my son either except bribery! he got a sweet everytime he went for wee on toilet, then whenever he did a poo then whenever his pants were completely dry and clean. Good luck!

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