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Melinda - posted on 10/01/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




When my daughter was 18 months she was almost fully potty trained. I had no issue with her I put her on the pot and told her we had no more money for diapers. It was as easy as that. My son who is 18 months now however, is nothing like my daughter! How do I start to potty train a boy?


Michelle - posted on 10/01/2009




I have 2 that were potty training at the same time. My son, was not as quick as my daughter and he was 22 mo ahead of her. What I had to do was create a potty chart with stickers to start with for rewards, and hung it on the bathroom door. You can try getting him to aim at cheerios as a kind of game to get him used to trying to go in the potty. Taking him in there every hour or so until you get used to knowing when he usually goes will help. It took a little while, but he caught on eventually and I was so thankful when I had them both out of pullups! Good luck! :)


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Heather - posted on 10/01/2009




my little boy is 15 months old and he already tells us "tee tee" and "poo poo" and will sometimes bring us diapers or hold himself and do a little dance, so we know he's ready :) a friend of mine told me to get him a potty, and when I go, bring him in there and sit him on his, so that he knows it's ok to take time out of your day to go. from the mommies I know, that's one of the biggest issues is not wanting to miss something, for both boys and girls. if he goes, great, and make sure to praise him! if he doesn't, he'll still get used to it. and depending on the age, start him out sitting on the potty (mine's too young still to go straight to standing and holding). after he gets used to going, then you can start aiming at cheerios :) they even make things called Tinkle Targets that have fun designs, are a larger area to hit (when first starting out), and they dissolve like the sanitary covers in public restrooms. hope that helps some :)

Amanda - posted on 10/01/2009




My son was 4 years old before he was fully potty trained. It depends on what your son will respond to best when it comes to the potty training game. You can try making it fun. Drop a few cheerios in the toilet and tell him to aim for them when he pees (pooping is a lot harder). We tried taking him every two hours, we tried just about everything. Finally, after almost a year and a half we took away pull ups except at night. He was peeing in the potty almost all the time, but he still wasn't wanting to poop. So after having accidents in his pants for a few months he decided he didn't like his butt hurting, therefore he started listening to his body. The more we pushed him the more accidents he'd have. We eventually just quit reminding him to go and one day he just started going all the time. We did the reward system too one skittle for pee and 2 for pooping. Good luck...boys can be tricky.

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