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What age is a good age to start potty training? How do you go about it? My daughter will be 18 months old soon and she knows what a potty is and when she has pooped but I still don't think she understands the concept of pee and the potty. What things can I do to help her understand without pushing her, she is still so young.


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Potty training is one of the hugest milestones in a childs life. I have 5 children and I am a child carer. In my personal experience every child will let you know when they are ready and there are signs to go by. One is interest and awareness of the toilet/potty, taking off nappy/pants when wet or soiled, showing awareness when they poo/wee. My son looks down at his willie when he wee's even when he is wearing a nappy, it is so cute. Two of my kids have trained themselves, I wasn't ready but they were. I also find that summer time is one of the best times cos they can just run around with undies on and it is so much easier to take them on and off. Also to on the fact side of it the ability to be able to hold urine etc and have the knowledge that they need to go to the toilet is a brain and emotional thing and every child gets this at different stages of life. Toilet/ potty awareness is a good thing and educating them as to what it is, is a good thing but it should always be a positve experience, if the child is stressed or you are stressed about it, it wont work.

Good luck and you and your Daughter will know when the time is right :)

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Thank you!! I never thought of just bringing her there every 10 minutes or so! Thats a great idea!

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I would just take her to the potty all the time and let her know when you have to go. Take her with you when you go. Talk about it with her. Make it a really cool thing, not something she HAS to do. Get her "big girl" panties. Take the diapers off when she starts to get the hang of it and never ask her if she has to go, chances are she will say no...LOL...just get up and take her to the potty every 10 or 15 minutes. Get really excited and clap for her when she goes...this will encourage her to keep up the good work. There is a good book called Everybody Poops that helped us out. Some people use books, too, to keep them busy...I hope this is helpful!

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