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Suzzie - posted on 07/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all I'm a young mom and my daughter is 3 and a half I'm trying to potty train her bought all the fancy pottys toilet seats etc she follows me so sometimes and knows she what she has to do but she just won't do it on the toilet or her potty she starts school in a few weeks any one any tips


Alisha - posted on 07/17/2013




Well what a friend of my suggested and helped me with potty training was giving her a sweet treat after she went on the potty. When she went pee in the big girl potty she got a cookie or Mn m, if she went poo in the potty she got two cookies or m n m's. After she got the idea of getting something for going we changed it up if she went potty in the potty she got to call someone and tell them she went potty in the big girl potty. We started getting her the cooling pull ups and that helped a lot we also had a timer where ever 20 or some minutes I would tell her go sit on the big girl potty and she would sit there for a bit. When she got better at telling me or daddy that she needed to go potty and stuff we bought her, her first pair of big girl panties and the only time she would wear the pull ups was when we had to go run around or traveling and at bed time. It worked very well she would have the occasional accident but that is normal. The toughest part we had for potty training was pooping and that is because of the smell, it would gag her. What fixed that was me telling her the truth. Everybody poops and if you don't go poop you could get very sick and mommy and daddy don't want you to get sick. After that she never had a problem with it again. My dad suggested when potty training first started out, was as soon as she gets up in the morning have her sit on the potty and give her something cold to train to wake up the rest of her body so to speak So she can get used to getting up and going potty as soon as she gets up. That helped a little bit but,it also got her into the habit of going to the potty in the morning. I hope this helps.

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