Potty training a boy

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My son is almost two and he's started to take off his diapers when they are wet. he hadly pees when i put him on the potty though, and pooping is out of the question. how do i get him to ask to go to the potty and have him do it on a regular basis?


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From my experience, telling us they have to go is a myth!!!!! LOL!! I have three and two of them are potty trained and with my oldest it took the longest because I was waiting for her to tell me she had to go. One idea I've read is giving them lots of crackers or something salty and for some reason that reall makes them have to go. I also decided to wait until my son was a little closer to three years old before I tried to train him. It only took a month and he was going by himself. I used to also set the oven timer since I would get caught up doing other housework. The timer would go off after about twenty minutes until he got the hang of it. And my last trick was no potty time after 2pm. Usually my son didn't like to potty once his older sister was home from school because he wanted to play with her so I stopped all potty activity after I picked her up. After a week he was going to the bathroom on his own when he felt the urge to pee. REWARD REWARD REWARD!!! Can't stress a healthy reward like a paddle ball or a gummy snack for every time he goes to the potty. Good luck!!

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