Potty training an almost 3 year old that has already used it a couple of times but isnt very excited about it?!


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Ashley - posted on 04/29/2009




Just make it as fun as you can, make up a silly potty dance, read him potty books, and let him earn something really cool for going in the potty. Be prepared for accidents and make sure he understands that he will get another chance to be successful.

Dora - posted on 04/29/2009




I'm in the same boat, and it's taking time. When I keep my toddler (same age as yours) bottomless around the house he seems to do better. First few days I would ask him and make him try to go pee-pee in the potty all the time, but now he does it all on his own. I also give him treats for encouragement when he goes (I use little 'fruit snacks' which I call 'candy' so he gets real motivated, lol). I am starting to introduce underwear, and he does pretty good, although when he wears them he needs to be reminded most of the time and he does have accidents here and there. However, he refuses to go poop in the potty! It's a little frustrating! I have not found a solution that works for that quite yet...Clara is right tho, they need to be ready, and I don't think my toddler is quite there yet.

Clara - posted on 04/29/2009




Yea, boys are harder than girls. My son was 3 and half before he was potty trained! It sucks but they won't do it until they are ready. A little encouragement always helps. You can try rewards to help them get motivated. Good luck! I have been through this twice and you will need patience.

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