potty training nightmare

Diana - posted on 09/16/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is four years old and knows how to use the potty but he won't he will hold it all day long until he gets a pull up on at night. help


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Michelle - posted on 09/17/2013




If you are worried something is wrong then see your doctor.
If all tests come back clear then it's who has the stronger will between you. Lisa has some great tips for you to try after you know there isn't a medical problem.

Diana - posted on 09/17/2013




He has had severe consripation problems since he was born so he takes milk of magnesia every day anyway i am also concerned because i didn't have this much trouble with my two oldest sons and my youngest will be potty training soon but dominik was born at 30 weeks i am worried maybe something is wrong

Lisa - posted on 09/17/2013




I'd say it's time to stop using the pull ups. Buy a waterproof mattress cover to protect the bed, get one of those washable, absorbent pads and several sets of inexpensive sheets.

Tell him how proud you are that he isn't having accidents during the day and that you are confident he will be able to do it at night, too. Maybe offer a reward at the end of an accident-free week. Charts and stickers work great for this age.

I know it will be gross when it happens, but be expecting the accident and don't freak out. Say things like, "Wow. That isn't fun, is it? Let's remember to use the potty before bed next time." If it happens more than a couple of times, make him help clean it up. (Not by himself, of course, but he can help change the sheets, for example, and carry the soiled ones to the washer.)

Don't be mean or angry about it. Let the natural consequences do the work. He won't like it. He won't want it to happen again. He'll want to change his behavior.

You might also consult your pediatrician about using a natural stool softener that will make it harder for him to "Hold it." My son was such a "withholding" pro, he could go for three or four days at a time. Taking away the diapers, stool softeners, and a professional cleaning for the carpets and beds when it was all over did the trick.

Good luck, Mom!

Alka - posted on 09/17/2013




Try to convince him that sitting on a potty chair is really entertaining... do whatever he likes while he sits on that chair... make him drink warm milk before he sits...

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