anyone else removing their child from daycare and placing them in pre-k this school year?


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Sabrina - posted on 07/10/2009




I'm a SAHM so my little one has been at home, but all of last year when the older kids would leave for school she would ask if she could go too. She is very smart and loves to socialize with other kids. Wee were going to let her stay at home and wait for kindergarten, but since she is so eager to go we are going to let her. All of last year when the kids would do their homework she did hers. We bought a pre-k handbook for her to work in and she learned alot. And it will be good for her to get use to the routine of getting up and going to school. Here in FL we have a free pre-k program but it is only for half days. But I'm going to choose the mornings so she can get use to the morning routine and then she gets home before the big kids so I can spend time with her on what she learned that day. Then when the big ones come home I can concentrate on their homework.

Amber - posted on 07/10/2009




Yes my daughter and son both started daycare about a month ago and in September he will be in Kindergarten and she will be in Pre-K. I am hoping that it helps prepare her for school and start learning things that she will need to know for kindergarten. Luckily my providor will be taking both of my kids after school hours until I get out of work.

Suzan - posted on 07/10/2009




My daughter is in Pre-k she loves it and has been there for a year. I think it's a good experience for them as they learn to grow and follow rules. Social skills are the first boundaries they learn to overcome to prepare them for the future. Good Luck

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