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My Husband and I just welcomed our 3rd child 3 months ago. So overjoyed! we have only been using condoms correctly and EVERY time bc I don't want to go on birth control(have my own reasons)...but I have had a few pregnancy symptoms...nothing major but I got a pregnancy test since I haven't started my period yet since I'm nursing figured I better check. well the test shows a FAINT Faint line for positve. if you just quickly look you miss it but if you LOOK at it the line is there faintly. If I am pregnant I actually hope its longer than 4 weeks bc if its not longer this would mean another sept baby and we already have 2 of BUT...could the nursing make it be a faint positive? I know thats probably a dumb question but I wasn't wanting to be pregnant so soon or not pregnant?! I will be making a dr appt if I take another test in a few days and its the same line.


Kathy - posted on 01/06/2013




Nursing won't prevent you from getting pregnant nor create a false positive. Even the faintest line for pregnant means pregnant. So congratulations!!! If it is very faint I wouldn't suspect you are very far along. But make a doctors appointment and relax and good luck.


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Jennifer - posted on 01/06/2013




Hi Kat, it sounds positive. The same thing happened to me and my husband. Our boys are 13 months a part. Congrats.

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