Pregnant after miscarriage??

Melinda - posted on 08/18/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Had a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks in July, but haven't had my period this month either! Haven't used protection, but the test last week was negative (not that I have any clue how far along I would be with the mc date and how my body is doing!) and I still haven't gotten my period. When should I check again? Do most women miss a period after an mc before their bodies are 'back to normal'. I'm nervous but don't want to get my hopes up. Thoughts?


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Jodi - posted on 08/19/2013




Actually, 5 weeks after a 6 week miscarriage, I tested positive again and I was pregnant. As it turned out, I must have began ovulating pretty much a couple of weeks after my miscarriage. So yeah, you could be pregnant. Take a test again in another week or so if your period still hasn't come.

Stephanie - posted on 08/18/2013




It is normal for your body to take a little while to get back to normal after a miscarriage. I do know that your hormone levels have to get down to the normal state before you can get pregnant or have your cycle again. Also, I have read that it's easier to get pregnant (you're more fertile) directly after you have a miscarriage.
If you are trying to get pregnant, and you don't get your period in three weeks, test again. It takes a few weeks of being pregnant before a hpt will turn out positive. Those tests that say "five days before missed period" have some percentages on the side of the box, check it out. They don't work for most women.
I know how it feels to be waiting to get a period after having a miscarriage, it is tough. I wanted to be optimistic but also not get my hopes up! It is a hard thing to go through emotionally. I am now pregnant with my second, the first time I got pregnant after having my daughter, I miscarried after only 5 weeks. I was worried I wouldn't get pregnant again and all those fears went through my head. But it is normal to miscarry once or even twice.
I hope you are pregnant and everything will go well for you!

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