Pregnant and my partner has left me

Lauren - posted on 06/14/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi i wasnt sure where to post this but i need some advice. Im 14 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. My partner of 10 years and i planned this baby but as soon as i found out i was pregnant he changed. He goes out with his friends all the time and stays out all night then sleeps all day the next day while i look after our daughter. Hes always grumpy and moody and doesnt help me at home at all. I work nights and he wont even be quiet for me the next day to let me sleep. I cant even say anything to him without him biting my head off. Two weeks ago i gave him an ultimatum and said if he didnt change and stop going out drinking all night so much we were splitting up. He chose to split up. I just dont understand how this hapened. We were happy before i found out i was pregnant and we really wanted this baby. I feel so depressed now and i dont know what to do. I dont want to be a single mum to two kids at the age of 24. I feel so lonely and just hate him for doing this to me. I dont know how il get through the next 6 months and the birth on my own.


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Chantal - posted on 06/17/2013




Do you have any other support in your family? I was a single mom for many years and it is very difficult but it can be done. If you need support feel free to email me @ I am sorry to hear about your situation.

Samantha - posted on 06/14/2013





Isn't life crazy in that way? I knew my baby's father for 10 years also and we decided to have a baby. We planned for her and then when I got pregnant he freaked out. He was excited but the prospect of responsibility and losing his freedom sent him over the edge. This may be what's happening to your guy. For some reason men (especially younger men, my baby daddy is 26) have a problem with responsibility. There's this desire to be the "perfect" dad and as a result they self-destruct. My baby daddy moved out while I was pregnant to clear his head, then came back when I was 7 months. He ended up leaving for good recently and it's been really hard.

I know that my baby daddy is the love of my life but he is dealing with too much personal stuff to be a good parent or partner. I suggest letting him go for now. Yes it sucks that the responsibility is on your shoulders BUT eventually he will figure it out and come back...if not you will get over him and find a better guy!

Good luck!

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