Pregnant with my second child and completely different symptoms.

Jennifer - posted on 12/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My first pregnancy was a breeze. I never got sick, never had trouble sleeping, was overall happy. I brought a beautiful little girl into the world.

This time around is a different story. I have way different symptoms. Well one positive aspect is that I don't have to use the restroom all the time! Other than that, I was completely miserable the first 8 weeks, sick all the time couldn't hold food down. Lower back pain and most recently reoccurring chest pains. I am tired all the time and get horrible heartburn with pretty much everything but a PBJ sandy. Has anyone else gone through this kind of thing? The one main thing I am concerned about is the chest pain. My doctor told me it could be from indigestion or my uterus growing and pushing on my diaphram. I just have a feeling that isn't it though. It feels like my heart is going to explode and it has been keeping me up at night. This has started occurring last week and comes and goes every few days.


Jamila - posted on 12/03/2013




With my second child I had similar symptoms, I would puke so often, the blood vessels in my face would start to show and that didn't stop until I was 5 months pregs. I had to take medical leave. Does the chest pain affect your breathing at all? I couldn't breath and got heartburn from time to time. I tried different sleeping positions. With pillows, on the floor, on the couch (laying down and sitting up). Just try different sleeping positions, see if that works. When I was about 7 months the baby kept pushing against my ribs and chest area. I would just put a cold glass on the spot I wanted him to move and I felt better. Also I did a lot of swimming or just having bathes. I know ur not suppose to be it helped me a lot. Hopefully that was helpful. Also is your baby a boy? Just curious, because my 1st child was a girl aswell and my pregnancy was amazing except for the 8th month were my tummy itched like crazy.

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