prem babies- any1 else in this boat??


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User - posted on 08/05/2009




hiya jade, sounds like you havnt been having much fun, trust me it does get better. dont mean to bore you but this is what happened to us. i was rushed to hospital with severe pre-eclampsia in jan ( i only managed to have 5 days of my maternity leave!but oh well) and was in hospital for quite a long time. then my placenta ruptured and oscar began to get distressed. i was rushed for a c-section, but they discovered he had swallowed a lot of meconium, and a bit was in his lungs.which meant that oscar was in intensive care for a long time. he was in for about 6 weeks which was so hard but in the end it has been a positive thing (because of all the friends i have made whilst we were both in hospital, and all with babies in the same situation)

thats my little one with me on my profile pick. hes quite big now! hes 7months and weighs 14/15 lbs (i havnt had him weighed for about 4 weeks!) he was born weighing 3.7 lbs (1.597 kg) so he was a good size aswell i think. some of my friends babies were less than 2lbs! so i feel quite lucky really like you! i know what you mean though about how they progress. i think oscar is catching up in size, he likes his food and his milk, but he wasnt always like that. at the beginning he couldnt have more than 10mls for a feed so i was feeding him hourly when he came home until he was 4months. sleep was non existent. i found that what swung it all round was putting him in his own room as soon as he could have a bit more milk per feed. i dont know if your little one is in his own room already? but i found it really helped.

everything got so much better after that though, he started sleeping through the night and now he goes 7 till 7 and hes a really good boy, hes my churpy little chappy!!

sorry now i really am boring you, sorry it took me so long to reply aswell!

last thing though, how hve you been getting on other than that??!!!

thanks for replying be good to chat x

Ena - posted on 07/30/2009




I have had three premmies the littlest one being only 3 pound 9 ,1.7kg. I dont think hes unsettled because of being premmie. Mine were all in humidicribs and went home at only 2.00kg. one was settled, one was really unsettled and one in betweeen. I think they are just born with different personalities. they are now 7 , 5 and nearly 3. The eldest two have caught up, the eldest is actually tallest in class. My littlest one is healthy happy and Very short (only 83cm) but has no delays whatsoever. Everyhting will be fine. hes probably just a screamer! :) None of mine slept through the night till they were over one, which is normal for breastfed babies. Te hardest part was expressing through tubes!

Jade - posted on 07/30/2009




hello daisy, my little boy Rhys was born 8 weeks earlybecause my plecenta had moved away from my wall ( cant remember the real term its called) and i was bleeding really bad. he weighd 4.6 or 2.55kg, he was only in hospital for 3 and a half weeks because he was doing so well, but it would have been the hardest moment in my life! it was very scary and each couple days they would try and take him out of his humitity crib to a normal cot but his heart rate and temp didnt cop and they just kept on trying, he was quite lucky being such a bigger baby at 32 weeks than alot of other babies in the special care nursery most were half his size and i felt for all the other mums there. in the end we finally got him home but its hard because other babies his age are doing things he doesnt do yet because his so far behind and his now 4 months old, still not sleepin through the night and very unsettled from 4pm til 8:30pm everynight without fail!

how old is ur bub and how are you coping?

p.s sorry if i dragged on and on

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