Public Discipline?

Yonaymana - posted on 10/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




The last few days my daughter Nadia (3) has been getting on my very last nerve and maybe even nerves I didn't know where there. I usually bring her EVERYWHERE with me because my husband is VERY family oriented and I am also a stay at home mom now. So I went to 2 different malls this weekend and both days Nadia would be all whiny and talk back, anything and everything. I do admit, I spoiled her just up until maybe Feb. of this year and I started cutting back by donating some of her toys and clothes, telling her no more often etc... But disciplining her is proving to be a challenge. It's gotten to the point I don't want to bring her ANYWHERE with me for a while. But I can't find a sitter cause then my husband says, "you're home all day, why do you need a sitter? Or why are you going to the mall by your self - take her with you." Sometimes I just want a break - or at least get through the check out aisle without buying Candy. But back to this weekend - Today, she was yelling and screamed SOOO LOUD in the store that I lost my cool. I picked her up went over into a secluded - non populated section of the store and snapped. Telling her (with a stern slightly raised voice) that what she did (she was also running to far- bumping into people, hiding in the racks - my nephew was also there -same age). And a few times I spanked her, but she wears diapers so it's like it don't even make a difference. I feel like "talking" is not doing the trick. And when I say, "... okay, we're not going to go have fun then..." and then we still go - i contradict my self. i don't want to miss out on fun activities just cause she is acting up. So yes, a few times nadia's gotten publicly whooped and I don't give a rats butt if someone looks at me funny or wants to say something. I got whooped PLENTY of times and I turned out just fine. Time outs hardly ever work cause she will just slide off the couch and onto the floor. Or sitting/ standing in the corner, - again, nothing - I don't know, I need discipline advice. And please do not tell me that spanking is not the answer. Because sometimes, talking is never enough.


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I'm not a big fan of spanking children. I've found a lot of great advice at

I'm very very loathe to ever use the 'i was spanked and i turned out fine / survived'. It's archaic, and all you're really asking then is for someone to agree with you. And I don't.

Please go have a read at that website. There's some practical advice. And also have a look at the Non-Violent Parenting page on FB.

(I was ALSO beyond my tether. I whacked my child out of PURE frustration. But the website helped me. And also read about positive parenting)

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