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I have a 18yr old daughter, my boyfriend and I were arguing and she called him a loser. He then kicked her out and won't let her come home. This is my daughter and it is ripping me apart. I also have a 10yr old son and a 13 yr old daughter. I know she said it out of being defensive for her mom. Well needless to say I'm depressed and I miss my baby girl.. She's living with my parents. On the other hand he has 2 boys 13 and 15, his 13yr old lies to me from showering, brushing his teeth and also he is a bed wetter and he'll pee and sleep in it for days.. Isn't that disrespect also? Is one more than the other? Disrespect is disrespect is disrespect but my BF does nothing about it and its just my daughter who's disrespectful... I need an in bias opinion and would appreciate what anyone has to say


Michelle - posted on 02/08/2013




I would move out because if it's 1 set of rules for your children and 1 set for his then there is no way the children would be happy. The happiness of my children always came first before and man I was dating. Even when with my 2nd husband, he knew my children came first.

There should be "house rules" that EVERYONE has to follow and then there are the same consequences for anyone that breaks them.

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