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Candice - posted on 10/18/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am pr with my second baby i am only 4 weks and 5 days, by time i go bk o the doctor ill be 6 weeks... i a so scared cause with my first i had no symptoms and now with this blessing i have all symptoms some im afraid of.... i had a c-section with my first and with this one i hurt in that area is that normal? it isnt a bad pain.... i also have acid reflex too and heart burn, i also hurt in my upper part of belly is that normal? ii have bubbling going on whiich i have no ideal why... if i walk for halloween with my toddler can walking alot hurt my unborn bay?


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Mary - posted on 10/18/2012




I agree that walking is GOOD for you and your baby. Fresh air is great to beat the nauseaousness. I was pregnant at almost exactly the same time of year with my first, and we went to a corn maize the day after Halloween with a bunch of friends. I wanted to tell my husband we should stay home, b/c I felt so sick, but didn't, and we went, and I couldn't believe how great I felt while we were outside in the fresh air.

Try to notice if your acid reflux and heartburn are corroalted with any food you eat. It took me months to realize that if I didn't eat yoghurt, I didn't have it, but if I did, it always happened.

I don't know about the pain in the upper part of your belly. I'd say ask your dr.

As for the pain near your c-section scar, I had that, too, in my pregnancy after a c-section with my first. I never asked my midwife about it, but you could ask your Dr. if it worries you. My scar was not a problem at all in my second birth...I had a VBAC with absolutely no complications. I actually think my pain was from my skin stretching in the area of my old scar, and that skin just being stiff from the scarring. I have read that the part of the uterus they cut (if they do a low horizontal incision, which they should have) doesn't actually have very many nerve endings, so it's probably not your uterine scar that is hurting. Apparently most of the pain in that area during labor is from the other muscles surrounding the uterus tensing up against the contractions.

I have also read that morning-sickness is correlated with a LOWER incidence of miscarriage, so it shouldn't scare you if you have that.

Sarah - posted on 10/18/2012




Each Pregnancy is going to be different. I have never had a csec. so can't tell you on that part, but I do know when my second as my pregnancy got further she felt more and more like she was going to fall out. My doc. had said that was normal for pregnancies after your first as your pelvis is more stretched out. She didn't fall out until her due date :). But your body is going to react differently each time to the hormone changes. There are some tricks with acid reflex and heartburn.....I know you can take tums, but also try to not drink carbonated drinks. Eat a couple hours before you lay down. Also for walking.....walking is actually REALLY good for you during pregnancy. Walking can help with the heartburn, feeling tired, nausea, and even your joints. Big thing is to watch your heart don't want that to go above 140. You can continue to do exercises during pregnancy. I did a full marathon (26.2 miles) walk when I was 2 months pregnant. It really helped me to feel good during my pregnancy and to stay fit, and I did really notice that when I did get myself out the door to walk after walking I felt not as tired and did not feel as nauseous.

Emily - posted on 10/18/2012




I didn't have a c-section so I can't answer that. But as for the acid reflex I think that is normal si is the heart burn. Each pregnancy is different so your going to have different symptoms. Walking shouldn't be a problem but I would call the doc office and double check to make sure everything is ok. They will be able to answer all you questions.

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