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My 2 month old daughter has a rash that is along her neck, chest and back.. It loks like a bunch of little tiny reddish, pinkish pin dots.. anyone knows what causes this or any idea what it might be.. I called her doctors office today and the receptionist said she will have the doctor call me back.but no one called back. I fell asleep and when I woke up it was too late to call back.. I don't know if it is something I should worry about.. Also she just had her shots on Tuesday could this be a possible side affect..Thank you..


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I agree with Jennifer. My daughter is 2 now but she still breaks out the minute she gets hot. Heat rash is very common. If you are worried about it try giving her a bath and just putting her in a plain cotton onsie. My daughter spent her 1st 4 months in one! I couldn't use any of her girl dresses because they all irritated her skin and gave her a rash just like you described. Hope it helps!

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My friend and neighbor's little boy had this repeatedly his first year, and mostly when he would get over heated or after having a fever. It never bothered him and she checked with her doctor more than once, he said it was fine too. She mostly kept him in loose onesies and loosely wrapped for sleeping, seemed to help on occasion. If it's not getting worse nad she's not acting extra fussy I wouldn't worry much.

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Did the rash show up right after the shots? A vaccine reaction like that would occur with an hour or so after the shots, so if there was a few days in between it likely isn't related. When you say there are raised, red bumps, that makes me think yeast or possibly a heat rash (infants don't sweat, and so their pores clog up easily). If it doesn't bother her and she has no other symptoms, I wouldn't worry too much. My 9 month old has had cradle cap, heat rash, and baby acne - it all looks weird, but not really a big deal. Definitely call the doctor on Monday though, so you can find out for sure.

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