Re-circumcision, good idea or bad?

Kristina - posted on 06/18/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son was circumsized when he was born at the hospital (by my OBGYN) and the foreskin grew back over a period of 4 months. So now he's basically not circumsized at all. I consulted with a Urologist and he said that after he turns 1 yrs old then he will be eligible for surgery and to recircumsize him. Gavin just turned 1 on May 21st. It's tearing me to pieces b/c with this surgery they would have to put him completely under (which there are always risks to that) and then putting my son through pain all over again.

He's so happy and outgoing and I know when he gets older he'll most likely be popular and a people person just b/c of how he acts right now. I know there's no medical benefit of a circumcision but I also don't want him to be made fun of in the locker room or at highschool! Kids are so mean.

Then there is the time when he starts asking questions about everything. His dad is circumsized. What are we going to do when he starts comparing private parts with his own father?

What are your opinions? Have any of you dealt with this before?


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Jamie - posted on 06/18/2009




I agree with Dominique, i'd leave it. We chose not to circumcise our son, because we felt it was unnecessary, even though his dad and cousin are circumcised. We talked about it at length and decided that when the time comes that he's asking questions we'd answer them honestly and frankly. If we had circumcised him and it'd grown back, we most definitely would have left it.

Rebecca - posted on 06/18/2009




Hi I am a mom of three kids, two boys. I didn't circumsize either of my boys, just because it is an unnecessary procedure. My husband and I spoke at great lengths about this and I asked pretty much everyone I knew what their opinions were and almost everyone said that is isn't necessary, unless for religious reasons. I feel that if all boys are born with it then it doesn't need to be altered and is probably there for a reason. I have a Gavin too and he is now 5 1/2 and hasn't even asked why he looks different than daddy, but our response will be that his entire penis is intact and has not been altered. My husband also let me know that in the locker room, you may notice other boys penises but as a young man you are never going to mention it. I also agree that enough parents are now choosing not to circumsize that he will not be the only one with a whole penis. Those are my thoughts, hope this helps.

Katie - posted on 06/18/2009




I had my son circumcized at 6 months.My mom works for a ped. urologist and she said to wait because of the reason he might had to get it redone.I was hesitant to get it done since he had to be put under.However he did great.We had no problems during the whole thing.He has healed really well(he's now 19 months) and we have had no problems.It is your choice however to get it redone.But I would check with a doctor to see if he has a higher chance of getting infections due to the skin.Good luck!

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I don't think he'll be made fun of when he's older if you leave it. It's becoming more and more common for parents not to have their sons circumcized. I think by the time our kiddos are old enough for it to matter, there'll be enough boys around that haven't been circumcized that it'll be fine. And, honestly, even if there aren't, if he doesn't get made fun of for that it'll just be something else. Kids are cruel. Everybody gets made fun of for something,you know? Added to that, the thought of putting a 4-year-old throught that makes me a little weary. It's different when they're newborns...they've forgotten about it an hour later, but a 4-year-old is developing a longer memory. I say, let it go, and he'll be fine. If he asks about the difference between him and his dad, you just need to keep it as simple as possible. "Everybody's different," would probably satisfy his curiosity. Good luck.

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