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Keyma - posted on 08/17/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am in postpartum recovery, 8 days, and the bleeding is getting bright red and heavy after tapering off. Is this a sign that I am doing to much moving around? And how much is to much?


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I found if I moved alot the bleeding increased, but it changed constatly for about two weeks and then stopped. It got lighter as I left the hopsital then I'd have an ocassional heavy day. it got darker, lighter, browner, etc. Then I got an infection and things got a bit smelly but on the whole it wasn't too bad. Rest when you can reguardless new mum's shouldn't work so hard, you need to rest your poor body.

Katelynne - posted on 08/17/2009




Post-partum bleeding can last for weeks, and it may not be consistent during the entire time, so actually this sounds very normal. I know you're already tired and may still be in some pain, but if you experience any dramatic increase in pain then you need to take it a little easier.


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Hanna - posted on 08/18/2009




What you're going through is very normal -- you feel like you're bleeding out. it's actually not normal if you aren't bleeding because then you're running the risk of developing blood clots that won't come out and that is dangerous.

moving around is good, but don't over do it (just like with periods, there is such a thing as too much strain on the body). and it will definitely change in color -- towards the end it'll get more brownish in color and you might see a few clots coming out. that's your body is trying to heal and also getting rid of all that blood that already came out, now it's just busy flushing it out. so do be prepared to wear that maxi pad for at least 3-4 weeks.

in my case (but i was a c-section), i bled for about 3 weeks, then it pretty much completely stopped, then started again really heavy right before my 6 week appointment but lasted only 3 days then nothing again and then around 3 months i got my first period, which they say doesn't happen that fast since i was (and still am) breastfeeding. but then again, i did have another period after i was already pregnant, so go figure.

but don't worry, what you're describing seems pretty normal. if you do experience a drastic change in amount of blood you're losing (and you didn't do anything heavy), you can call your doctor and see what he says. however, within the first 6 weeks it is a bit sporadic and everyone has it differently -- some do heavy non-stop for up to 5-6 wks and then it barely spots for another 3, others don't bleed that much past first week but then the spotting goes for a long time, yet others get it over with in 10 days and are back to having sex less than 2 weeks later. so definitely keep an eye on it obviously, but if you're feeling ok (a bit tired is normal -- you're recovering & taking care of the baby), then the chances are, you're fine. good luck!

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