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Any advice for reflux - besides thickening the formula???


Maria - posted on 09/09/2009




My little one had reflux. You can get A.R. enfamil formula - it is all ready thicken - I recommend the ready to use though - the powder is a pain!. Feed less more often. Recline when sleeping. I got a pad to put under the fitted sheet (can get a baby store). This helped!. Burp often too! Hope some of this helps! This was a hard time for me

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ask your midwife/health visitor for a hybermann feeder bottle.. special bottle that means they have to suck slower, you can set it to the level you want. Hope this helps, reflux is not fun. xxx


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Nicole - posted on 09/10/2009




my daughter had reflux, my paediatrician gave me some tablets (cant remember the name of them) to crush up and put in her milk they worked a treat, 2 doses and she was a completely different baby.

Michelle - posted on 09/09/2009




my son (2mos) has had BBAAADDD reflux since the beginning. we went through every type of formula you can think of already and nothing has helped (currently supplementing with enfamil or similac soy). His doctor put him on an acid reducer which is not too bad (twice a day using a dropper) and his reflux let up considerably within weeks. Although if you're on medi-cal or other government assisted insurance, it may not be covered because it's a compounded prescription. It wasn't for us and came out to like $150, but I hope that by the time this bottle is empty we won't need it anymore because I recently started to breastfeed him and that seems to have completely stopped the spit-up and gotten rid of constipation. I also use the playtex ventair advance bottles with slow flow nipples when he eats formula. He is slightly elevated and then burp every ounce and try not to jiggle him or put him sitting in an infant seat because that will cause spit up. Also, changing a diaper right after is not a good idea...

My doctor did recommend the thickening of his formula, but he's had such bad tummy problems that I didn't want to trade one problem for another again. So that's why I decided to try re-lactation and give him breastmilk. So far so good.

Robyn - posted on 09/09/2009




there is a tea you can buy for heartburn/reflux i was told to use with my son i was told to make the tea like i normally would for myself pour half into a bottle after it steeped and dilute the rest with water it helped him, i cant remember the name of it sadly

Shirlene - posted on 09/09/2009




Thanks for that. Tried the AR formula's did nothing unfortunately so now thickening forumla with Nestargel which first gave him an upset tummy for 5 days and then made him constipated - there is just no winning. I am trying a Dr Brown's bottle which has made a very slight difference. Guess we just going to have to ride this out. Thanks for all the tips.

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