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my baby is 5 months old and my hubby and i have had issues almost every week. at the beginning i blamed it on us being so tired all the time, then i said it was because we don't see each other enough (he works AM and goes to school 2x a week, i work PM).

anyways, we went 2 weeks without any real problem. but last night i came home and a male coworker had drew on my arm and my hubby flipped out. he said that we (me and the coworker) wanted to sleep together because we were "touching". i said he was bored b/c there wasn't much business.

i understand his concern, but will things ever get better?


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Might sound corny but communication is truly the best thing. We had a bit more arguments because of my hormones dropping and all that fun stuff but talking made it all fine. If communication is well established between you and your hubby it will be alright. It's not always fun and games but if you guys work at it it will get better. Kids do change the marriage but if you take it one thing at a time it can still be as great as before the kid. In a different way for sure but a very good one anyway. It's not because you have kids that your couple is doomed.

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Well I understand where your hubby is coming from. Every serious relationship that I've ever been in there were difficulties. You are not going to mesh on every issue. Accept what he is saying and hope that he accepts what you are saying. It is important to agree or agree to disagree on the important issues, the ones that really matter. Do not welcome or allow the temptation of another man or let that man grow temptation on you it could only lead to an actual issue that could cause your relationship to go downhill fast. Hope I have helped.

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Things will definitely get better...I think that everybody goes through phases...

Sandra - posted on 04/20/2009




Unfortunatly this is what happens when you have kids. The arguments maybe different but we all face these problems and i see it as a test. If you can get past the first few years then things may go good, most relationships dont survive a baby. The best thing is to tough it out. Sometimes you have to push your standards down to make the best of the situation, pick your battles so to speak. Most of all when things get down and dirty find ways to remember what it was you loved about this person before you had a baby and try spending alone time. My boyfriend and I havent had a moment alone in over 2 years now (we are not blessed with anyone who can watch my daughter) we had alot of problems when we first had our daughter, they have gone away for my most part but i am afraid that we still have some arguement and most of them i lose. I hope my words were of some help to you. Good luck!

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