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So i'm an atheist. This is something i've thought long and hard about and didn't just decide overnight. I'm not interested in hearing about my beliefs changing. I believe ultimately that the morals taught by Christianity are right and true and even if someone isn't religious i still believe they should be applied to daily life. There are a few exceptions but not many. I benefited from having religion early in my life even though my parents aren't religious. I had the good fortune of having a daycare provider that was very religious and extended an offer to my parents to pick me up for church every Sunday if i could go. They agreed. As I said i did benefit.

This is my question. I teach my son the morals i believe are all right just like any parent does. Recently we have run into two problems. The most recent is that my son's uncle whom he spends alot of time with would like to take him to church. I'm thinking ok thats alright because he has been kinda curious. This I think I made a good decision. My line of thinking is I'm not going to expect my son to be atheist just because I am. I would like him to decide for himself and I guess he can't make that decision without going to church and being exposed to it.

Ok so the other problem is, how do i confront things he comes home from school with? For example he came home from school and asked if God made the world. I proceeded to be as honest with him as possible, since thats my policy, by telling him thats not what i believed in but without the complicated details (since i am so very thorough with details can you tell? lol). After some more probing i found out that he was talking to one of his friends at school that has a religious family and thats where it came from. So shortly after that my son came to me very confused again because he says that his friend and his mom insisted God made the world.

So not sure where to proceed from there, any insight?


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Well, let me give you a little background on myself. I am a 25 yr old mother of 2, born and raised with God very presence in my life. I don't get hung on the word "religion". I simply believe God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for us, and that he arose on the third day, and now sits on the throne by our father. Alot more goes into what I believe but that really sums it up for me. Now with that said, I believe by FAITH alone, no proof. But there is complete evidence in my life that God has worked miracles. If you'd like me to share them with you I will be more than willing, just let me know. My question to you would be.......if God didn't create the earth, then who did? Just wondering how you feel it came about. I believe to say the universe "just happened" or "evolved" requires more faith than to believe that GOD is behind these amazing statistics. In regards to your son, I guess at this point I would ask him what he believes? I am guessing he's quite young yet?? I would be more than happy to pray for you guys and this situations but only if your ok with that.

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