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My 5mth son is starting to need more then just formula so I'm going to start giving him the Nestle brand rice cereal. I know some people mix in the rice cereal with the formula in a bottle. How much cereal should you add to a 8oz bottle? And how often should you do it to start? I know everyones different I just need some ideas.


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Lindsay - posted on 08/13/2010




At 5 months your son can have rice cereal mixed with some formula and eaten with a spoon. There is no reason to put it in his bottle when he is old enough to eat it normally. Just start with it very watery and thicken as he learns to eat.

Dara - posted on 08/13/2010




I think it's best to feed the cereal to baby with a spoon. You can make it nice and runny with either formula or breastmilk, and then they can get used to using a spoon. If baby isn't sitting on his own yet, make sure you prop him up while feeding. I wouldn't use a bottle. I fed rice cereal to my first baby, and she did great with it, but my second baby had a great deal of difficulty digesting it. It constipated her. Best first foods in my experience are veggies, steamed and pureed or some of the less acidic fruits like apples, cooked and pureed (pure applesauce). My little one has had never ending difficulties with processed baby cereals, so I just took her off them completely, opting for whole grain oatmeal ground up in my blender before I cook it. That's just my own experience though, like I said, my oldest had no problems with it.

Ashley - posted on 08/13/2010




My daughter would never take the rice cereal out of a bottle, so we just mixed very little in a bowl with her formula and fed it to her that way. I think all we put in was the amount that could fit on the nail of your little finger. :)

Sarah - posted on 08/13/2010




By 6 mo, it's suggested to feed them the cereal once a day to help them get the iron not in the breastmilk, but if your son's on formula than there is no dietary need to ever give him rice cereal. It is a safer solid to start on b/c minimal allergic reactions to it, so it is good practice though. And some people do swear it helped baby sleep longer given before bed (not to raise false hopes if it doesn't work for your little one). We started giving it to our son every once in awhile starting at 4 months because he seemed so interested in eating. Now (at 7 mo) we give it to him most mornings for his 2nd meal of the day and give him a fruit, veggie, or meat baby food at night. Just make sure to wait a few days when introducing a new food to check for allergies. Don't give up if he makes a weird face at first--keep offering the spoon to him. Ours always acts like he hates the first bite, but then gobbles up the entire bowl.

One of the best things about the rice cereal is that you can mix it to the consistency your baby likes. Start with about 4 oz in a bowl and add until the consistency of slightly runny applesauce. Definitely spoonfeed, like has already been mentioned. That way, if he wants to wash the meal down with some milk, he's got the other 4 oz left in the bottle. Or if he wants to eat more, you just mix up another batch. Easy!

Jessica - posted on 08/08/2010




I put in 1 tsp.. You can buy an Infant Feeder and do it that way as well. Once you have done this for about, I'd say, a month or two than try spoon feeding it. You should od it once a day for a week or 2 and than twice a day after that.

Shannon - posted on 08/07/2010




neither of my older kids really liked the rice cereal & i always just read the box

Nikki - posted on 08/06/2010




It is highly advised that you NEVER mix it in a bottle
First off its a choking hazard
You are not letting your child distinguish food from liquids
Rice cereal is a filler it has no nutrional value, so by mixing it in the bottle they will get less nutrients and only gain weight that is not healthy
Spoon feed and mix in fruits and give them veggies, so much healthier for your child

Davine - posted on 08/06/2010




I did 1 tsp i think it was for every 4 oz in the bottle and i just stretched the hole in the nipple. it worked miracles on my kids, but that is just me. At first I did one before naptime and one before bedtime. Then I did it three times a day, like at meal times basically. I guess it depends on how hungry your child is. My daughter for instance was sooo extremely hungry she came out eating 4 oz, so i had to start mixing cereal immediately because she just couldnt keep down all the formula she was drinking. So she had many bottles a day with cereal, but she was very unique. My son on the other hand I only did the mix bottles 3 times a day! Good luck and I hope this helps!

Amy - posted on 08/06/2010




First of all, most people (including many dr's) will strongly suggest you mix the rice cereal with a little formula and spoon feed, and not use a bottle. This being is the rice cereal could get clogged in the nipple of the bottle and as the baby sucks could come shooting out to the back of the mouth and make the baby chock.

With that being said, My husband and I decided to mix with the breastmilk/formula. Start out with a little, 1/4-1/2 table spoon and after a day or so you can slowly increase it a little. I don't think we ever put more than 2 tablespoons in a 8 oz bottle. Also make sure the nipple you use is either a juice nipple, or get separate bigger holed nipples and jam tooth picks through to make it larger. It will most likely come out a little faster, so if you do decide to mix watch your baby very closely! We only did that for 1-2 months, then switched to other foods because rice cereal made our son way too constipated.

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