Rocking baby to bed with a bottle

Abbi - posted on 07/17/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Help?! My DD is almost one year old. We have always rocked her to sleep with a bottle. The rocking part is not what is givinge problems because I enjoy it. But a friend of mine gave me crap because I rock her to bed WITH A BOTTLE and don't let her fall asleep on her own with out one. She says its bad for her teeth and can cause tooth decay and such. I thought that was only if she is laying on her back?! She's propped up when I feed here.

Any and all advice welcome but please no bashing :)


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Krystal-Tess - posted on 07/20/2013




it can still rot out her teeth. i would try to get rid of the bottle altogether but if that wont work for you i'd at least put lukewarm water in the bottle or try switching to a pacifier.

Gena - posted on 07/18/2013




My son is 2and a half a still wants his bottle to fall asleep..not every night but almost always.All i can say is his teeth are fine.. But i dont know when its the right time to stop giving the bottle.Would be interesting to know when other moms stopped giving the bottle and how..

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