Rocking baby to bed with a bottle

Abbi - posted on 07/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Help?! My DD is almost one year old. We have always rocked her to sleep with a bottle. The rocking part is not what is givinge problems because I enjoy it. But a friend of mine gave me crap because I rock her to bed WITH A BOTTLE and don't let her fall asleep on her own with out one. She says its bad for her teeth and can cause tooth decay and such. I thought that was only if she is laying on her back?! She's propped up when I feed here.

Any and all advice welcome but please no bashing :)


Sarah - posted on 07/18/2013




Your friend is right. The milk is still left on her teeth, which can lead to tooth decay. What I would suggest doing is trying to set a new routine. You could try a couple different ways.

One way would be to do the bedtime bottle and then brush teeth after the bottle is finished. Eventually you will want to wean off the bottle and at this age she is not needing that night time bottle, but if you think this way is the best way to transition her I would just start by brushing teeth after the bottle and then slowly weaning off the night time bottle.

Another way is to give water in the night time bottle instead of milk. Brush teeth before you sit down to rock and give bottle. Then give the bottle with water in it. This way she is not having the milk sit on her teeth as she sleeps, but still can fall asleep as she is use to. This way is a nice way if you feel like she needs the bottle to fall asleep to. Again you will want to be weaning her off night time bottles, but this could be a good way to transition her. Over time then start putting less water in her bottle. This allows her to figure out how to put herself to sleep without needing the bottle.

With either way you may have to deal with some crying as it is changing her bedtime habits and that will take time for her to adjust to. Just like many of us change is hard and for some of us we tend to fight change. But once we adjust to the change then we are fine. So your daughter may fight the change, but if you give it time and allow her to adjust to the new routine she will develop new bedtime habits and be fine.

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