Rolling over?

Christy - posted on 08/03/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son is a week and 1/2 old he is already rolling onto his side. I know to keep them on their back at rest but he rolls to his side each time. I was told by doc not to use sleep positioner, so what do I do? Will he be alright?


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Claire - posted on 08/03/2009




he will most likely be fine the docs told my mum to put my older sister on her front me on mmy back and my younger sis on her side they change their minds constanly my first slept on his front my second on his side if he is comfy and happy leave him be x

Jen - posted on 08/03/2009




My daughter slept in a boppy until she was 8 weeks old. Believe me it's against the rules, but it worked. She felt insecure in the big crib and loved her boppy. I'd let him sleep on his side if that's what he wants to do. You can always go in and check on him as often as you see fit. The first time my daughter decided to sleep on her belly, my mother-in-law watched her the whole time she slept in the bassinet.

Stevie - posted on 08/03/2009




its not bad for a baby to sleep on their side if that is what you are worried about doctors normally say keep to back sleep but back and side sleep are both good idk why but some say if they do sleep on their side the left is better im not sure and to me it makes no difference but its ok for them to sleep on their side and soon enough you will have to worry all the time when he learns how to get on his tummy and you have to fight with him to keep him on his back but he wants his tummy but either way back or side your son is just fine like natasha said dont use blankets..idk if you have a swadler sleeper thing or not but use that and if you are swaddling your son with a blanket still then that is fine too no worries about that my son didnt like being swaded in a blanket we have a sleeper with velcrow swadler

Jaime - posted on 08/03/2009




All 3 of my kids preferred their stomaches. So your son should be fine. Again, just make sure there isn't anything he can smother in in the crib.

Emma - posted on 08/03/2009




My daughter would only sleep on her side too and then her stomach. I just made sure there wasn't anything that would cover her mouth and nose and allow her not to breath. Your son will be fine

Stephanie - posted on 08/03/2009




Our son loved to be swaddled when he was first born, so that kept him on his back, but he wasn't really old when we realized he'd rather sleep on his stomach than his side.

Amie - posted on 08/03/2009




Your son will be fine. I used a sleep positioner with my daugheter to keep her on her side because she didn't want to sleep any other way. She is 2 years old now and sleeps on her stomach, back, and side. I have never heard of a doctor saying that a baby could not sleep on there side, or not to use a sleep positioner. I do know that you want to keep things out of their crib that they may snuggle into and not be able to breath. But a positioner shouldn't hurt anything. I would say that if you are worried about him rolling completely over, a positioner would be your best solution. Hope this helps.

Natasha - posted on 08/03/2009




My baby use to do that too and she was just fine. As long as there is no blankets are anything else in the way that would make him sufficiate i would not worry about it...

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