S.O.S sleep on side could sleeping on right side be a hazzard?

Tiana - posted on 02/03/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




ok i hear that the doctors perfer you to sleep on your left side due to blood flow etc... problem is i sleep on my left side so often that it begans to go numb so i end up just sitting up for awhile i know the helsth risk of sleeping on your back and that the doctors really dont want you to sleep on your right side. my questions is would it be okay to alternate side through out the night with out doing any harm to me or my babies by the way im 14 going on 15 weeks pregnant with twins SOMEONE PLEASE HELP..... thanks in advance


Crystal - posted on 02/03/2013




I was never able to sleep on my left side. I have slept on my right side, propped up on my back and propped sideways on my belly (meaning having my belly and leg supported with my body at an incline without any harm coming to be or any of my babies. It may be a little trickier with twins. I understand why the docs want us to sleep a certain way, but when we are pregnant, we need to find what positions work best for us. You should be able to alternate between sides throughout the night, your other side needs a rest or you may start to get sore spots, and if you start to go numb, it is definitely time to change positions. You can sleep at an inclined position ( pillows supporting your back and neck and propping you up) and on your right side as well without trouble. Just watch for signs, like numbing. If your babies are not happy with your position, they will let you know. Especially with you being so early in your pregnancy, you have a lot more options. When you get further along, finding a comfortable position will become more of a challenge.


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Carrie - posted on 02/03/2013




I personally slept on both sides while I was pregnant (not with twins though) and didn't have any problems. it's probably better for you and your babies if you don't go numb - and are comfortable regardless. Glad you know that kind of stuff in advance though ^^ it'll help out in the long run, but in general I don't think it would hurt you or your babies to sleep normally. if you need to you can always invest in a chair with a slant (sorta like the beds at the hospital) so you can rest comfortably without worry. Best thing for blood flow in general is to stay positive and happy - but tips like what you stated above are definitely worthwhile knowing ^^ hope this helps ease your mind a bit,

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