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I really planned on having a baby when I was a little older, and in a little bit better job!
It concerns me that I wasn't able to plan things like I wanted, to make sure my baby was taken care of. I'm 21, engaged, and am a little scared! Im not prepared monetarily for something this big! We aren't i should say. my fiance just lost a job he had for four years, and had to accept a position making much littler pay. I had to do the same thing about a month before him! We're barely making the bills.

Im on state help with insurance and trying to get food stamps, but this just ISN"T the life I imagined bring my family into!

Hi, my name is Roxy. lol and Im from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thats my background haha.

Truley, I think Im depressed because Im freaked out about the costs and my inability to make the money! Help!

Thanks, Roxy


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Mel - posted on 06/01/2009




put all the money away that you can before the baby comes, my partner is an apprentice and we are managing, we live week to week so by the weekend we usually have little to no money left but we manage, we cook good meals and never go without anything. You should be able to get some assistance if you guys are not managing well and not earning alot? id look into it. After our daughter was born we got lots of things for free because we dont earn much we even have child care free which is fantastic. im sorry i cant help you heaps but i do feel for you, my partners best mate and his gf have 2 girls and another baby on the way and at one stage since she was 17 when they had their first they could only afford to buy food for the kids, they had to even live with his parents. Like melissa said as well look out for people giving baby stuff away, we got everything for free, we didnt pay for any of it and we have 3 prams, 2 baby baths, cot, bassinette, cradle swing, 2 bouncers, medicine spoon, baby clothes, jolly jumper, change matt and table, cupboard and coat hangers for her things, 3 car seats, basically everything we needed and more all free so i would take advantage and look in the paper you may find heaps of stuff for free or very low prices that others are getting rid of and want to give to someone who can use them rather then just throwing it out. most of the time the stuff just needs a clean. the one and only thing we bought was her capsule which she only needed for such a tiny amount of time anyway about 3 months and we got this second hand too but such a great brand. if you'd like to chat feel free to add me to facebook or msn
all the best

Melissa - posted on 05/31/2009




Well first off congrats, and sorry you have to be so stressed but first thing I would do is ask around and find out how to get any more help like here I know they have healthy moms healthy babies where you can get ouchers you just need to ask. So if you go to the family services building and just ask them for as much finacial aid information and another thing you can do I see all the time is put an add on kijiji or let people know that you do need baby things and some people are so happy to have it off there hands as it does take up space I am excited when I c an give some of my stuff away as I think anyone is. You shoul dbe able to save money the earlier you start finding some baby items for wither cheap or free. I know with carseats please just be careful I know here if its used you take it to the fire department or a place that offers a carseat course to check it out. Making sure its safe. Just be careful with the second and items making sure all pieces are there and have not been in a accident. So thats an option if you want to try for some second hnd items even looking on Kijij for cheap or free items.

Do you have a family who can help you at this time for financial or emotional support?

Anyone you know had a baby and may wan rid of some stuff? This may help cut down as much costs and stress .

Of course you know if you are not emotional or fianancially ready and you really think you are not ready for a baby there are so many people who are and that does not make you selfish and you may just make one of there families complete. I say this only so you do understand that if you really dont feel ready and really do not know what to do there is another option as I do not know your situation you may not be able to go with adoption or not.

Just I hope you the best luck and if you have any questions or want to talk message me have a great day

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