Scared to sleep away from baby...

Jenny - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My baby Natalie has slept in bed with me at night since she was born. Now she is 2.5 months old and her Daddy is getting sick of sharing "our bed". Natalie naps in her crib during the day but I check on her CONSTANTLY because I'm so scared of SIDS. I need some help with letting my baby go and putting her in her own room at night, I'm so worried about her even though she is a healthy girl...


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Melissa - posted on 09/18/2009




i know exactly how u feel! but my daughter still sleeps with me.....its so hard, i think i need help too. im so scared of someone stealing her or something happening to her and me not knowing!

Jennifer - posted on 09/18/2009




I am the same way with my 3 month old son. Stories about SIDS just seem to be creeping up everywhere. I am not ready for him to go into his crib in the other room yet, and he grew out of his bassinett. We now have a pack n play in our room and I bought Angel Care which is the sensor mat that is placed under his mattress. It detects movement ( breathing) and if he stops breathing after 20 seconds an alarm goes off. It has really helped me sleep a lot better. Theres some other things that you can do to lower the risk of SIDS. Place your daughter on her back, not her has the same risk factors as sleeping on the tummy. Try to get to fall asleep with a pacifier and make sure that you dress her the same way you would be dressed. Make sure to not put a blanket in with her, and make her too hot. Also it raises the risk of SIDS to have a baby sleep on an adult bed, a couch, anything soft. The mattress needs to be firm so that's why the babies crib or bassinett are best. We fall asleep with him in our bed too sometimes....but our bed is firm and we keep blankets away from him. It's also only for little naps. Seriously you should get Angel care, it's $90 and you can get it at babies r's also a sound monitor too.

Lauren - posted on 09/17/2009




why dont you put a bassinet in your room until your ready to let her sleep in her own room?

Crystal - posted on 09/17/2009




I have always slept with my children. It is just reassuring to have them there where you can check on them throughout the night. I am dreading the day that I will have to move them to their room. If your husband is against it it probably is a good idea to start working on it. Maybe you could try putting her in a bassinet next to the bed. That way you could check on her but she wouldn't be in the bed. After you got used to this then move her to her room. Definitely get one of the monitors. Good luck.

Nadine - posted on 09/17/2009




If you are that worried about it get one of the sensor mates that go in their crib it monitors if they stop breathing and if it detects that it sounds an alarm. I dont believe in children in the bed and my daughter has never or will ever sleep in our bed that is just bad news for when they get older and you have to break then of it. Good luck and yes worry about sids but dont make it cause problems with hubby or child as they get older. I was told not to let my daughter sleep on her stomach but if I can get her to go to sleep on her back in the first place she wont stay that way for more then 20 minutes so she sleeps on her stomach I just keep the monitor with me and check on her. good luck

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