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i have a three month old and ive somewhat developed a schedule for him but not really consistent with it somtimes..this is my first baby and dont really kno abybody with kids so i never knew you had to have a schedule for them untill i joined this website. Is it really importent? and another thang is my son wakes up at diff times in the night i make his bottle at 10pm(6 oz) feed him three then give him 10-15min bath(he loves baths!) then get him out and feed him the other three then he will go to sleep around 11-11:15ish and will sleep till 6 or 7 and i feed him again and he will sleep till 9-10 but somtimes he will sleep till 11 but then somtimes he will wake up at 4 or 5 sleep till 7-8 wake up and stay awake
when should i give him naps threw the day what the proper amount of sleep a 3month old should have for nap times during the day how many and for how long? sombody help me please lol:)


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Hi Morgan!

I have a 7 year old daughter and I have always had my daughter on a schedule....and let me tell you, it's very important! Children need proper sleep to grow. When my daughter was a baby, I started her on a schedule early on...She was put to sleep at 6:30 to start to rest and I would put on a classical music cd for her (which she loves till this day!) as she got older we would read books and then her cd would go on. As long as you are consistent then the baby will get use to the schedule and eventually bedtime would be for the most part pretty simple. But you have to stick with it. Of course the baby will wake up through the night for milk and that's completely normal :) eventually they will need less and less through the night as they get older.

If you get your baby on a schedule now, it will pay off in the long run... My daughter still follows it till this day, she now goes to bed at 7:30 to relax and she's usually asleep around 8 ish and sleeps all night with no problem. She also still loves to listen to classical music while she's comforting to her ...she doesn't do it all the time but every now and then she will put it's also useful when we go camping etc and it helps her fall asleep.

I also found it important to keep her in her crib and not have her sleep in bed with me ... I know lots of moms do that and I have nothing against it...but I know it can cause issues later on with getting them to sleep and stay in their own rooms\beds.

Well I hope this helps :) congrats on your baby and enjoy every single moment! They go by far too fast!

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