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Okay so I have a question.... My daughter is very sweet and loving but when you make her mad she has this ear piercing scream. I have no way to make her stop. Sometimes I just want to run and hide. I have tried everything to make her realize that she can't scream like that because I am afraid that someone is going to think that I am beating her. What is your advice on what I should do? I have tried talking to her calmly and just ignoring it or tuning it out, and then talking to her when she has calmed down. I am at a lose with this. Oh and it is so hard for me to get her up in the mornings. She goes to bed early and wakes up around the same time everyday but she is so hard to wake up, and once I get her up she is crabby for the first 10 min. of her day. I need help! PLEASE :)


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Get ear plugs. If some one does call the cops because they think you're beating her ask the cop to explain to her that she can't scream like that. You'd be surprised at how fast they respond to police officer.

My daughter used to do the screaming thing. She did it 3 times. The first two times I put in the ear plugs and she screamed and screamed and when she finally stopped I pulled them out and told her I can't understand her when she screams and it hurts my ears and that's why I put in the ear plugs. The third time she started screaming I put in the ear plugs and she came over to me and said in a normal voice "Mommy, I'm sorry. I won't scream any more. Don't put in ear plugs." She hasn't done it since. :)

And the morning thing...I would suggest you get her up an extra 10 minutes early and let her wake up on her own in her room. Some people are just born as not "morning" people. :)


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Thank you ladies... I like the idea about earplugs and dancing around but that is just because I think that it sounds like fun :) and I am sure that she would get over her tantrum fast and dance with me :)

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First of all, please know that if someone were to call child services over a screaming child, they may come out, but unless there are red marks on the child, they cant do anything. I have worried about the exact same thing, u can hear my daughter from 4 houses down. I will put her in her room with the door closed and tell her she can come out when she is done. No one has ever called child services on me. Another thing i have is a behavior pocket. They work very well and they were cute and cheap, check them out at The screaming has decreased significantly since doing this. good luck

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My son is only 13 months old but he does the ear piercin scream thing when he cant get his own way, i just leave him 2 scream it out and when he calms down i talk 2 him and then we have a cuddle.I know it mite seem daft coz he's only 13 months old but i figured if i start things like this now its will b more helpful 2 me as he gets older.

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ignore it! she'll do it more if she thinks she's getting attention for it! no eye contact, no talking - if you're at home put the radio on & dance (something like that) make out you're having a great time & she's just missing out - leave her to calm down by herself - she probably will end up jealous of you having such a good time without her she'll forget about her "tantrum"...hope this helps

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My son does that, expect he hits walls when you tell him no.

I do the naughty mat thing. If he doesn't listen to what I have told him to do, he goes to time out. If he continue hitting and screaming, he sits there until he is calm. 2 minutes (because he is almost two), it works but you just have to stick with it.

Mornings, I have no idea, my son and I sleep in, its our thing.

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