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My husband and I are very happy but, we have not really had sex since I got pregent. I'm 18weeks along. How can I keep it going? Is it me or him?


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Honestly, I would talk to him about it. I just had my LO two months ago and went through the same thing. Although there was less than that, not much hugging or kissing or anything. Come to find out he was uncomfortable with the idea of our son being between us, especially when getting bigger and we'd cuddle because he could feel him kicking. :) But there are other things you could do intimately and romantically to keep the bond going. In my case he was uncomfortable and I just felt unsexy and awkward. Talk it out and maybe come to a compremise.

Toni - posted on 03/17/2014




It could be a mix of a few different things.
Try talking to your husband about it. Ask him if he is worried he will hurt you or the baby. My husband was worried about hurting the baby untill I assured him that the baby would be totally fine.
It may be that your husband is slightly stressed about having a new baby in the house, and stress lowers the libido.
Some men go through as stage where they no longer see you as a wife, but as a mother instead, and that kind of kills the mood.
All you can really do is talk about it and see what might be bothering him.
Good luck


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