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Katrina - posted on 06/07/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I'm wondering if anyone is the same as me.... I have never been able to have an orgasm while having intercourse. Is this normal? Are there any tips on how I could possibly have one? I went through phases throughout both of my pregnancies, sometimes I would really want to have sex, and sometimes I would just hate the thought of having sex. Even though I do enjoy having sex with my husband, I just don't get the same satisfaction as he does. What can I do?


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Jamie - posted on 06/07/2009




I can say I never had an orgasm from just sex until I met my husband. And it doesnt happen every time we have sex but a lot of the time. I know his ex-gf before me she has also never had an orgasm but that means ever. I also get in the mood a lot when Im pregnant. matter of fact I jumped my husbands bones this morning lol. I guess im kinda useless I have no ideas otehr then to try different positions and dont worry about it so much and just let it happen.

Jonita - posted on 06/07/2009




Hell ya, always wanted to know if I was the only one. My friends around me don't have this problem, I actually thought it might be something generic. Haven't had the guts to ask my older sister, but it's just so unfair. I always hear people say you have to know what you like, but with you I am sure you do, maybe we should just explore more, maybe just let ourselves go, and found out what their is we are missing. Luckly for you, you have husband and I am sure you don't have any shame and things anymore. I don't have sex that much, since I am a single mom, but the few times I had a steady relationship and actually went that far, it sure was not that great I was hoping. Good luck, and keep me posted if you find anything on our unfortunate sex sindrome

Brittany - posted on 06/07/2009




I'm the same as Melissa and Brittany. I rarely orgasm and the only times I do is if we use a vibrator or some kind of foreplay. He was frustrated at first because he had the whole man thing and feeling like he wasn't good enough but now he knows it's just the way my body is and it's not something he's doing wrong and our sex life is so much better.

Brittany - posted on 06/07/2009




I agree with everything Melissa said. And just have fun, don't try. Me and my fiance spent a lot of time exploring each other and we're open like "touch me here" or role play. Just make it fun and relax.

Deidre - posted on 06/07/2009




I rarely have an orgasm while having sex. If I do, it's because we had a lot of foreplay beforehand and I orgasm within moments of starting intercourse, I think this has happened maybe a total of 4 times heh. Usually, if I orgasm, it is during foreplay (and sometimes we don't even do foreplay, so therefore no orgasm). Having an orgasm isn't a huge deal to me, it is nice sure but it isn't the only reason I have sex. I have it usually for the closeness and if I have an orgasm it's a welcomed surprise :)

So, I would say it is VERY normal to not orgasm during actual intercourse. Oh, and we recently used a vibrator during intercourse and let me say... it was amazing!

Mel - posted on 06/07/2009




i think women never get the same satisfaction as men because for them to have sex is leading up to an orgasm for a woman you dont even get the feeling that it is going to lead to an orgasm and i cant even imagine would that would feel like. i used to hate the idea of having sex too infact sometimes i felt very guilty because id say i really have to stop i wil have to finish you another way because its too painful right now. if you can have a clitoral orgasm perhap try foreplay and pral sex before hand if he will do it or try touching yourself during sex i have reached orgasm a couple of times thru doing this :) or try using a vibrator during sex good luck :)

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