Shes awake at night and asleep durring the day.

Janet - posted on 09/14/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I try to keep her up as much as p ossible durring the day, i even give her baths before i put her down to sleep with calming shampoo to make her sleepy. Any advise?


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Jamie - posted on 09/16/2009




Also try to take her outside or let her get as much fresh air and sunshine as possible. This will help her baody learn the difference. Like the others have said, don't be quiet during the day and do be at night. Some white noise at night might help too (radio static, fan).

Heather - posted on 09/16/2009




during the day when you put her down for nap, open all the curtains and blinds. if there aren't any, put a lamp in there and leave it on during the day. at night make it as dark as possible for her (and still minding your safety). she'll eventually learn. don't intentionally keep her up, it's making the problem worse because she is so overtired during the day she can't sleep at night. Let her sleep when and how she wants to sleep. She'll straighten out I promise.

Desirae - posted on 09/14/2009




Keep the days active with lights on and don't worry about being too loud. Try playing with toys that light up and play music. Let her take naps but only for a couple hours, then wake her up. At night keep things quiet and lights low. If she wakes, change and feed her quickly and quietly, no talking or playing. This will help her get the difference between night and day and that night is for sleeping and day is for playing.

Nadine - posted on 09/14/2009




Keep keeping her awake as much as possible during the day and when she does take a nap limit her to like 2 hrs then wake her up. I don't give my daughter a bath at night because it wakes her up and she doesnt sleep as well. My daughter was in the hospital for a month when she was born and the nurses said it was better to do it before she ate during the day. Good luck

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