Should I do a simple 3rd birthday party for my little girl????

Jenny - posted on 07/24/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




For my little girls 1st and 2nd birthday we did a themed birthday. Her first birthday we rented a Hall and decorated in a Ladybug theme, 3 tier ladybug cake, ordered all of her decorations online bc it was hard to find the colors I wanted. Long story short we went all out. 2nd birthday we had it at my parents house, my dad catered, face painter, to keep all age groups entertained, it was Tinkerbell and fairies theme since Kylie's birthday is close to Halloween we had all the girls dress up as fairies :) it was very cute and they were both a great time!! My mom had it video taped and photographed and now we have a 2nd birthday picture book and DVD that Kylie loves to look at!!

Is it wrong to rent a Hall again and host it there?! We do not have our own home with space to have both sides of the family and our closet friends! And last yr my mom and I had a fight right after the party. I feel like you spend just as much money if not more doing it at a Party place! Should I just do a simple cake and pizza with just family? Or just friends at our apartment ?!!!


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Megan - posted on 07/26/2012




My sons first two birthdays were big affairs too but this year for his 3rd we have decided just to have a very small cake and icecream get together for close family and take him to do something that would be fun for him. He loves animals so we are taking him to the zoo and waterpark for the day just him myself and my husband for the day. I feel like sometimes one on one time is more important than a big affair espically since hes got younger siblings now.

Connie - posted on 07/25/2012




I too went ALL out for my son's first birthday... I think we all do! However, after that his parties were much smaller affairs. He's an August baby so typically we would have a day at the pool with bbq and a few of his friends. One year all he wanted was to just go to the movies! My point is, although we LOVE to go all out, you'd be surprised just how easily they can be pleased! I felt like I want my son to appreciate the little things in life and that has definitely had an effect on him. Not to mention, I was scared that if I got him so used to these big events and one year I can't financially deliver, he would be devastated. So yeah, I dont think theres anything wrong with a smaller event. You can still make it super fun, and they know it's their special day. That's what matters most right?

Maretta - posted on 07/25/2012




you only get one birthday a year!!! I'm trying to figure out the most AWESOME & creative 3rd birthday party for my daughter also

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