Should i move forward or should i wait a little longer?!

Kimberly - posted on 05/28/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




i am 19 years old. and my boyfriend deiced to make the move to be the father of my son while i was 5 months pregnant . Now my son is 2 months old. and yes we had our arguments. i am a stay at home mom and he works 40 hrs a week. not to mention i moved 5 hours away my family and friends to start our family out closer to his of course i went through depression,and was stir crazy,and felt lonely because all my boyfriend wanted to do was take care of our son and sleep. sex wasn't really an option because i had a bad reaction to the IUD and we had to allow time for me to recover. and then we were facing the troubles of in-laws. his family loved to be be in every part of our life's( financial,love,how we raised our son,how we did things.) I am a straight forward type girl so tell my family to back off a little was a little easier for me because i know how to say it to my family in a respectful way they will understand but my boyfriend does not how to do that with his family. which has created so many issues between us that he has now deiced to walk out on me and my son. so now i'm backing living with my mom. and all my son's and my stuff is still at the apartment with my boyfriend(or what ever he is now).its going on week two of this whole arrangement.and i am not sure if
should go ahead and get our stuff or if i should wait a little longer. he will not speak to me,he blocked my number and took our relationship status off Facebook. i have tried messaging him and i have still no response. so i'm so confused what to do. because i have a broken heart and i have to pick up the pieces because i have 2 month old son depending on me to be there for him .


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Rhea - posted on 06/03/2013




i think that you should move on. and remember your first priority has to be your son he is your whole life now. He needs you to be strong you have to be. you might call this tuff love but my advice is cry if you have to and suck it up and move on you're not alone anymore you have a little person that is depending on you a whole lot. And you have to be stable in mind, body and soul for him. This guy has obviously chosen his family over you and this is not the type of person you need to be with. you're young you will find someone else.At least not now take sometime and heal and concentrate on your son he needs you a lot.

Michelle - posted on 06/01/2013




I think his actions scream to move on. If he isn't taking your calls or wanting to talk then in his mind it's over. You should get your things and look after your son.

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